Harols Wee


At an age of 35, one would never expect a sudden twist in life. It started off with a bad cough that lasted for months. It never improved and I was subsequently diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Over the years, my condition deteriorated progressively. At 46 years old, my heart could no longer function properly and I had to be implanted with a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) - a mechanical pump that pumped blood on behalf of my heart. However, the road did not get any easier. It was a constant nightmare for my family and I - attending to my daily needs and my ever-changing medical conditions.

Waiting for a heart from a deceased donor was not easy. Heart donors are rare, and there are many heart failure patients in similarly dire situations waiting for the call to receive a new transplant.

The moment I was told to be on standby for a heart transplant felt magical. My family celebrated my chance to receive a new heart. Yet I was conflicted because I know that it was someone's death who gave me this new life. I cannot imagine what the donor's family went through.

No words can express my heartfelt gratitude to my donor and her family for saving me and giving me a second chance in life again. I believe that the patients who had received a transplant live not only for themselves, but for their donors too.

I send prayers of thanks and blessings every day for my organ donor and her family. With this new lease of life, I can now spend many more years with my loved ones.